Melaka Gateway Port

The strategic location of Melaka Gateway at the Straits of Malacca naturally inherits its deep waterway of 25 – 30 metres, making it an ideal choice for a deep sea port facility. As only a few ports in Malaysia have this advantage, the natural island of Pulau Panjang is the ideal choice for a deep sea port facility.

On 19 October 2016, the inaugural foundation laying ceremony for the construction and development of a deep sea port was held, which is the Melaka Gateway Port (Pulau Panjang). At the same time, KAJD and its investment partner Powerchina International Group Limited, held a MOA signing ceremony with its 2 new partners for the development and construction of Melaka Gateway Port. They are Shenzhen Yantian Port Group Co., Ltd, which is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China., together with Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd., which is based in Shandong, China. With this strategic partnership in place, KAJD and Powerchina International stand to gain extensive benefits from Shenzhen Yantian Port Group and Rizhao Port Group technical expertise and experience in port construction, operations and management, as well as their extensive network of shipping lines and alliances around the globe. This will catapult Melaka Gateway and Malaysia as a prime location and international maritime gateway to the world.

Designated as a Liquid Cargo Terminal, Melaka Gateway Port will also complement the Maritime Industrial Park, which will be built on the 4th island of Melaka Gateway, where it will house a container terminal, break and dry bulk terminal, shipbuilding and ship repair services, as well as marine engineering and manufacturing.

  • Storage facilities at our Liquid Cargo Terminal
  • Benefiting oil trading in Southeast Asia, Asian countries, Europe and the Middle East
  • Capable of receiving the largest of deep sea-going vessels.