About Us

KAJ Development Sdn. Bhd.

As the master developer for the iconic Melaka Gateway, KAJ Development stands at the forefront of transformative development. We envision Melaka Gateway as a beacon of progress, reflecting a harmonious blend of cultural heritage and modern innovation.

Who We Are

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Melaka Gateway is targeted to be at the forefront of Malaysia’s next wave of economic development. In lieu of this fact, we ensured that our corporate strategies and values are in sync with our targeted development plans and forward planning. 


To be the respected leader in our specialised field of diversified business activities.


To maximise our business potential by relentlessly pursuing innovations and new opportunities in niche and emerging markets.


Our core values are the foundation of the Company’s success. These values will project professionalism in our business relationships.

Our Core Values


Venture into new areas of business opportunities and always endeavour to meet customer expectations.


Never divert from the intended and agreed business objectives.


Adhere to high morale and ethical principles in business dealings.

Our People

Decades Of Expertise

At KAJ Development, our team is the bedrock of our success. Comprised of a diverse group of seasoned professionals, visionaries, and passionate individuals, we come together with a shared goal: to craft transformative spaces that resonate with purpose and potential. Each member brings a wealth of expertise, ensuring that every facet of our projects is executed with precision, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we’re not just building structures, but legacy.

YB Dato' Daing A. Malek Bin Daing A. Rahaman


Datuk Michelle Ong


Board of Directors

Dato' Dr Daing A. Malek Bin Daing A. Rahaman

Executive Chairman

Datuk Michelle Ong


Dato’ M.Yahya Bin A. Hamid


Datuk Christie Yu

Executive Director

Executive Team

Yong Kiang Keen

Chief Operating Officer

KT Lim

Chief Financial Officer

Executive Team

Yong Kiang Keen

Chief Operating Officer

Bernard Siow

Financial Strategy

Datuk A. Jamil Bin Arshad

Technical & Regulatory Compliance

Invest In Melaka Gateway

Dive into a world of unparalleled opportunity at Melaka Gateway! As we shape the future of sustainable and integrated development, we invite visionary investors to be part of this transformative journey.

Embrace the confluence of culture, commerce, and cutting-edge infrastructure. Join us here at Melaka Gateway, and let’s create a legacy for generations to come.