Our Future

Since the 14th century, Melaka has been one of the world’s most important trading hub, where tens of thousands of merchants from all over the world, speaking more than 84 languages, flocked to this port city. Today, the Straits of Malacca still remains as the world’s busiest trade route. And strategically situated at this important hub, is Melaka Gateway.

The Melaka Gateway development project offers attractive and vast business opportunities to investors, boosting the macroeconomic development of Malaysia, as well as countries worldwide. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will be defined as an essential world-class tourism, leisure and integrated business destination on the world map, as well as a coveted waterfront investment and commercial/residential offering.

Melaka Gateway is targeted to be at the forefront of Malaysia’s next wave of economic development. As one of the world’s most visited countries, Malaysia aims to receive 36 million tourist arrivals by the year 2020. The strategy will be focussed on attracting the higher yield segment. Melaka Gateway will be a key component towards achieving the nation’s target. Our development will attract an estimated 2.5 million international visitor arrivals and create job opportunities for 30,000 people.

KAJD welcomes world citizens and investors to Melaka Gateway – where a glorious past, now presents itself as a world-class city of the future.

Welcome to Melaka Gateway