Foundation of Sustainable Living

Our Commitment to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

At Melaka Gateway, our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in our ethos. We believe that responsible development doesn’t just enhance economic prosperity; it shapes a better future for all.

Melaka Gateway is more than just a development; it’s a community. We’re committed to promoting social inclusivity, enhancing local livelihoods, and fostering a harmonious blend of cultures.


Melaka Gateway has been at the forefront of sustainability in Malaysia, being the region’s first development to adopt GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System), a performance-based rating system for green infrastructure.

At the heart of our operations, we prioritize environmental care, social development, and the highest standards of governance to solidify our position as a trustworthy and responsible entity in the global arena. 

Smart Urban Connectivity

At the heart of our sustainability efforts is the emphasis on urban connectivity. Melaka Gateway promotes eco-friendly commuting by offering easy access to public transportation, ample bicycle parking, and preferred spots for low-emitting vehicles. Our approach seamlessly blends modern urban living with environmental mindfulness.

Environment Protection

At the heart of our operations lies a steadfast commitment to the environment. Our Environmental Management System ensures eco-responsible site practices, while our Sustainable Waste Management promotes effective recycling with dedicated zones and centralized facilities. Emphasizing the use of regional and recycled materials, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable and green future.

Sustainable Water Management

Melaka Gateway has adopted innovative systems that optimize water consumption, promote its reuse, and minimize wastage. From utilizing advanced rainwater harvesting technologies to integrating efficient wastewater treatment processes, our sustainable water management practices not only safeguard the environment but also create a resilient ecosystem.


Melaka Gateway implements a ‘park and ride’ approach, strategically situating car parking stations, incentivizing drivers to opt for public transportation for shorter trips. The city features public parking lots, providing more than 60,000 parking spots throughout the urban area.

Water Transport System

Melaka Gateway has a comprehensive water transport system that spans 7 kilometres of waterfront developments. The Melaka Gateway Marina and Grand Canal are effectively used by this system to facilitate passenger movement to and from the city. There are 213 berths available for boats across three marinas. Furthermore, the waterfront is well-equipped with water taxi stops, providing residents and visitors with convenient and accessible transportation options.

Cycle and Pedestrians

Melaka Gateway has a comprehensive network of cycle routes and pedestrian pathways, covering an impressive distance across the city. These routes are thoughtfully integrated into the public transport system, connecting with stations and public car parking areas.


Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we’ve designed resilient structures that not only cater to today’s needs but are also equipped to meet the demands of tomorrow. From smart transport systems to state-of-the-art utilities, we’re crafting a sustainable urban environment that stands the test of time.

Service Utilities

At the core of our commitment to sustainable living are our service utilities, meticulously designed to uphold the highest environmental standards while ensuring seamless efficiency. From water to power, every utility integrates cutting-edge sustainable technologies, ensuring a reduced ecological footprint without compromising on the quality and reliability that our residents expect.

Smart Connectivity

Pioneering the future of urban transit, Melaka Gateway integrates modern and eco-friendly transportation solutions. Delight in the cutting-edge personal rapid transit system, pedal through scenic routes with our bike-sharing services, or walk down our pedestrian-centric streets. Moreover, Melaka Gateway is promoting car-sharing with electric vehicles and driverless pods, seamlessly weaving technology with sustainability for an unparalleled commuting experience.

Invest In Melaka Gateway

Dive into a world of unparalleled opportunity at Melaka Gateway! As we shape the future of sustainable and integrated development, we invite visionary investors to be part of this transformative journey.

Embrace the confluence of culture, commerce, and cutting-edge infrastructure. Join us here at Melaka Gateway, and let’s create a legacy for generations to come.