Why Melaka?

A Return to the Golden Age of Yesteryears!

Melaka was Asia’s most thriving international port between the 13th – 17th Century, attracting merchant vessels from China, India, Saudi Arabia and Europe, making it the commercial hub as well as cultural melting pot between the East and the West.

Tens of thousands of merchants from around the world, speaking more than 84 languages, flocked to this part of the world. The Straits of Malacca, which owes the city to its name, grew to become and still remains, the world’s busiest trading route. Think of spice trace, and it is Melaka which comes to mind. The Silk Road in China also led to Malacca.

As traders, travellers and eventually empires came to Melaka’s doorstep, the rich influences from the Arab, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British started to infuse delicately into the local culture. Thus, a rich tapestry of cultural heritage that you can still see in every aspect of the city and its people today, was born.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Melaka is far from losing its eclectic charm. Travellers still flock in great numbers to this historical city, which is now an enchanting tourist destination. Hence, Melaka is once again stepping into the limelight, as its glorious past now presents the future.

Now, on these most coveted shores, rises this prestigious waterfront address – Melaka Gateway.